Our Capabilities

In the over-crowded competitive landscape, every brand needs a custom strategic philosophy, visual identity, and tone of voice to propel them to their next level. What makes Rocketdog unique is our approach and visual style to create solutions that are both Sophisticated & Human.


Rocketdog is your strategic and creative partner to coach, support, and lead you from pre-launch to beyond. If you’re re-launching, we’ll re-imagine your trajectory and prepare you for your future.


Every brand, at any stage needs a built-to-last strategic foundation and a sophisticated visual identity that gets the world talking and consumers engaging. We’re curious when we explore, and brave where we land.


It’s all about the user experience. When we get started, our digital team concepts, designs and builds world class experiences — from e-commerce to marketing sites and everything in between.


We’re obsessed with launching and growing the brands we help to create and why wouldn’t we be? Our marketing team develops and executes ground-breaking campaigns for the world to see across every channel.


We create relevant and creative content designed for consumer engagement. From illustration, photography, video, animation, and audio; the content we create is measured by how many people look forward to it.


Artists by trade, we love to make physical things. From boxes to installations, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Over time you may forget what we said but you’ll never forget what we built and how it made you feel.