live like bella foundation

Live like Bella® is a non-profit organization created in memory of Bella Rodriguez-Torres who inspired people throughout the world during her six-year fight against cancer. As an organization they provide assistance and support to children and families affected by childhood cancer. They also fund innovative research with the hope that childhood cancer will become a treatable and curable disease. As leaders in the topic of childhood cancer, as of 2018, they have funded 13 research trials and assisted families in 46 states and 12 countries.

Our sole objective with Live Like Bella has been to position, strengthen, and equip the brand with the necessary tools to help improve, and even save, the lives of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

“When we hired Rocketdog, we did not realize we were hiring an extension of ourselves. Rocketdog treated us with the same grandiose vision that they would have for any international or corporate brand. That’s the thing about Rocketdog, they treat everyone equally. The real differentiator was Christian never said – “Here’s what YOU’RE going to do”…he always said “This is what WE’RE going to do.” They made us feel like family because they understood the delicate nature of working with a family who had lost a child and started a foundation in her name.” Nicole de Lara Puente, Chief Executive Officer, Live Like Bella